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James Nkonomo is a journalist. Currently serving as the Central Africa Correspondent for The African Exponent. He specializes in a wide range of stories from the region, covering all stories stories.

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  Jul 21, 2024

South Kivu Governor Halts All Mining to Combat Chaos and Violence

The governor of South Kivu province in eastern Congo has ordered the suspension of all mining activities to restore order in the violence-plagued, mineral-rich region....

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  Jul 20, 2024

Zambia President Fires Entire Anti-Corruption Board For Being Corrupt

President Hakinde Hichilema fired the entire ACC board amid corruption allegations. ACC head Thom Shamakamba and solicitor-general Marshal Muchende, both accused of taking kickbacks, deny the allegations....

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  Jul 17, 2024

Conflict-Driven Deforestation Devastates Mount Nyiragongo Slopes in DRC

Ongoing conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly from the M23 militia insurgency, has led to severe deforestation in the Mount Nyiragongo area and the Virunga National Park, displacing over 1.7 million people....

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  Jul 16, 2024

Malawi Declares End to Devastating Cholera Outbreak

Malawi has officially declared the end of the country's worst cholera outbreak, which began in March 2022 and claimed nearly 2,000 lives....

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  Jul 16, 2024

Fragile Humanitarian Truce Bombardment in DRC Kills Four

A bombardment in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) killed two children and two teenagers, despite a humanitarian truce between Kinshasa and the M23 rebel group....

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  Jul 16, 2024

Gambia's Parliament Upholds Ban on Female Genital Mutilation

Gambia's parliament on Monday rejected a bill that sought to overturn the country's ban on female genital mutilation (FGM)....

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