Jun 10, 2024

Violent Attacks by Suspected ADF Rebels Claim Over 80 Lives in North Kivu, DRC

The attacks primarily occurred on Friday night in the villages of Masala, Mapasana, and Mahini and were attributed to the ADF according to Lieutenant Colonel Mak Hazukay, an army spokesman in Congo’s North Kivu province....

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  Jun 08, 2024

50 Accused Persons, Including Three Americans, Appear in DRC Military Court Over Failed Coup

The accused are charged with terrorism, attempted assassination, illegal possession of weapons and arms of war, and financing of terrorism in connection with the “attempted coup” on May 19....

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  Jun 06, 2024

Central Bank of Congo Mandates Use of Congolese Francs for Electronic Payments

This strategic move is designed to enhance the use of the national currency and reduce the country's heavy reliance on the US dollar, which has been weakening the franc....

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  Jun 01, 2024

Parents Seek Answers as Son Detained in Congo Following Failed Coup Attempt

Thompson traveled to Africa in early April with his former high school football teammate, Marcel Malanga, for what his family believed was an all-expenses-paid vacation funded by Marcel's father, Christian Malanga....

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  May 28, 2024

Polish National Released from Life Sentence in Congo on Espionage Charges

Poland’s Foreign Ministry had protested Majewski’s innocence, and President Andrzej Duda had spoken with Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi to secure Majewski’s release....

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  May 27, 2024

ADF Rebel Attacks in Eastern DRC Kill Around 10 Civilians

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), originally mainly Muslim Ugandan rebels, have established a presence in eastern DRC over the past three decades, killing thousands of civilians....

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