May 14, 2024

Regional Internet Outage Forces Temporarily Closure of the US Embassy in Tanzania

While routine appointments have been cancelled and postponed to a later date, the embassy clarified that it would remain open for visa collections and to address any emergency situations involving American citizens....

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  May 13, 2024

How to Find a Top-Tier Medical Device Software Development Team

Don’t hire a developer without running a background check on them. Medical device applications are sensitive, and a poor design or sub-optimal code can put patients’ health at risk. Look for a firm like Empeek with a proven track record of building hospital applications and software....

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  May 02, 2024

Engineers Develop Longer-Life Batteries to Electrify Communities in Africa

This initiative addresses a critical need, as more than 740 million people globally, including many in off-grid African communities, lack reliable electricity access....

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  Apr 24, 2024

Tanzania switches off plants due to excess power

An official from the state-run power company, Tanesco, explained the situation: "We have turned off all these stations because the demand is low and the electricity production is too much, we have no allocation now.”...

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  Apr 23, 2024

Morocco Aims to Become a Global Aviation Hub, Attracting Major Aerospace Investors

This initiative is part of broader efforts to enhance the capabilities of Moroccan airlines and expand their operations, aligning with the national strategy to boost the overall economic profile of the country....

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  Apr 22, 2024

Kenya to Boost E-Mobility with $2.2 Million Investment

The bulk of the investment will focus on expanding the infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) across the nation....

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