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Hajarah is The African Exponent's Northern Africa correspondent. She covers all stories that matter from that region in a captivating manner.

  Jul 20, 2024

Tunisian President Kais Saied Announces Bid for Second Term

President Kais Saied announced his candidacy for a second term in the upcoming October 6 elections. Opposition claims the government is pressuring the judiciary to target rivals and ensure Saied's re-election....

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  Jul 19, 2024

U.S. Pledges $203M to Avert Sudan Crisis Spillover

U.S. pledges $203M to avert Sudan crisis from spilling into the region, according to U.N. ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Close to 9 million people displaced, over 1 million have left Sudan, thousands killed in the conflict....

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  Jul 18, 2024

28 African and European Nations Convene in Tripoli to Address Irregular Migration

Representatives from 28 African and European countries met in Tripoli, Libya, to discuss irregular migration, emphasizing the need for moral responsibility towards migrants and development projects in departure countries....

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  Jul 16, 2024

Sudan's Displacement Crisis Worsens as Over 10 Million Flee Homes

Over 10 million Sudanese have been displaced due to the ongoing war, representing 20% of the population. More than 2.2 million have fled to other countries, while nearly 7.8 million have sought refuge within Sudan....

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  Jul 16, 2024

Car Bomb Kills Five in Mogadishu During Euro 2024 Football Final

A car bomb detonated outside a popular restaurant in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Sunday night, killing five people and injuring 20 others as patrons watched the Euro 2024 football tournament final on television....

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  Jul 10, 2024

South Sudan Peace Talks Hit Roadblock Over Controversial Detention Bill

South Sudan peace talks that almost reached completion faced a stumbling block with opposition groups demanding a newly passed bill allowing the detention of people without an arrest warrant scratched out in order to sign a proposed agreement....

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